Are you dealing with constant transitions? At no point are transitions more constant than when we are young adults. Transitions could include learning to adjust to a new career, moving out, and new relationships.

However, transitions can also be challenging and stressful to navigate through. If you find yourself overwhelmed by transitions, it can be helpful to see a professional who can help. Here are areas that I can help:

  • Post-College Transition
  • Faith deconstruction/reconstruction
  • Relationship changes

Post-College Transition

Has life after college been difficult? Adjusting to life after college can be challenging because it may be the first time in our life we have do be an adult. Prior to finishing college, most of our lives were neatly dictated by our education system. We met friends on college campus, took our classes, and most people were in the same age group. But post-college life presents a difficult challenge of having to make our lives without the nice structure of school. Here are some issues that I can help you with:

  • Adjusting to living back at home
  • Finding friends and community

Faith Deconstruction

Are you currently finding yourself questioning faith or religious belief? Deconstructing faith is a normal but challenging part of transitioning to adulthood. There is fear of losing community and friends in addition to the existential questions that come with deconstructing faith. If you find yourself in this space, I am here to support you in your journey. While I accept clients of all faiths, I have special knowledge about Christianity in particular. Here are some issues that I can help you work through:

  • Processing spiritual abuse/trauma
  • Developing healthy spirituality
  • Adjusting to changes in spiritual community
  • Dealing with marginalization
  • Religious anxiety (scrupulosity)

Losing the faith that you once knew can be scary and challenging especially if it leads to isolation from friends and community. If you are currently struggling I can help you by providing the safe space necessary in your spiritual journey. 

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