I charge $100 per 50-minute session. Additional fees may be added on for extra counseling material, assessments, and additional session time. 

Unfortunately, I do not accept insurance at this time. However, if you receive any Out of Network (OON) benefits from your insurance coverage I can offer a receipt with appropriate details for you to request reimbursement from your insurance carrier if applicable.

I accept payment via debit or credit card, HSA or FSA card. I keep client payment information on file and will charge after session.

Rates may be raised by the therapist at any point during treatment. Clients will be given a 90 day notice before raised fees are set in. 

Cancelation Policy

Cancelations must be made 24 hours ahead of appointment.


Sessions that are canceled less than 24 hours prior to session will be charged at the full fee. Sessions that start late are also charged at the full 50 minute fee. 

The only exception to the cancelation policy is in the event of an emergency. The definition of what qualifies as an emergency is at the discretion of the therapist. Most common instances are vehicle accidents, death of loved ones, or hospitalization. Please contact me if you need to cancel your session or have any questions. 

Sliding Scale

I offer a limited sliding scale for clients who are in college or graduate school. Sliding scales fees are set and negotiated ahead of time before the beginning of therapy. Fees may be lowered in the middle of therapy only in certain life circumstances. 

As a policy, I do not schedule clients on sliding scale during “prime hours” which encompasses hours between 3pm-9pm on weekdays or weekends.  

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