Asian Americans

Growing up as an Asian American can have its unique challenges. Sometimes those challenges are difficult to comprehend when a therapist does not come from your own ethnic and cultural background. If you are looking for a culturally competent therapist that understands the Asian American experience, I can help you. My own personal experience being a 2nd generation Asian American combined with my own clinical understanding allows me to see your experience from a perspective that validates, values, and connects with your cultural background.

Culturally Competent Therapy

Dealing with Racism

If you are a victim of racism I can help you. Racism towards Asian Americans can be both very overt, and subtle. I help my clients process how racism has affected them and ways that they can overcome the negative cultural messages that Asian Americans get.

Navigating a Bicultural Identity

Being Asian American especially if you were raised in America means learning to navigate a bicultural identity. If you struggle with navigating cultural values, or balancing expectations with family, coming to therapy who understands your cultural values can help.

Family Expectations

Family is a cultural value that can be a great strength but also a source of pain. I help clients who are burdened by family expectations find relief. I provide a safe space for you to process your feelings.

Overcoming Mental Health Stigma

Mental health can be stigmatized in the Asian American community. There are many myths, negative beliefs, and taboos that surround mental health. Unfortunately, many of these beliefs are not helpful and ultimately harmful. If you find yourself affected by stigma, I can help you. I can provide space for you to address the stigma in a nonjudgemental way.


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