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Christian Counseling

I help clients who identify with the Christian faith but may be struggling with the feeling disconnected, marginalized or questioning their faith. I help clients by giving them a safe space to process their emotions and thoughts in a nonjudgemental way. Here, you can ask the questions you never felt safe to ask about your faith.

How I can Help

Spiritual Burnout

Is your involvement in your faith leaving you to feel exhausted or tired? If you are feeling exhausted out by church ministry or serving, you may be on the verge of experiencing burnout. Burnout can cause mental health strain and difficulty. If you are experiencing this, I can help you by giving you the tools to take care of yourself. Also, I help clients be uncovering the root patterns of thinking and behaving that can cause burnout to happen.

Faith Deconstruction

The process of deconstructing your faith can feel isolating, dangerous, and scary. If you are in this process and need support, I can help you process your faith deconstruction without an agenda, criticism, or judgment. I refrain from offering theological answers, but to simply give you space and support needed for your deconstruction process.

Faith and LGBTQ+

I give my clients who identify as LGBTQ the space to process their sexuality in the context of their faith. I offer a nonjudgemental space to explore how to best handle your sexuality in a way that is healthy and right for you.

Bible, Theology, and Mental Health

Our belief's are suppose to be a great asset and tool that helps us get through life's tough moments, but what happens when it leads to anxiety and depression? I help clients rethink how they see the Bible, their faith, and theology in a way that is healthy. If you notice that your system of beliefs in God are negatively affecting you, therapy can be the place to untangle those beliefs.

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What is Christian Counseling?

I approach Christian Counseling in a way that is sensitive yet inviting to the client's faith tradition. I view spirituality and faith like a room in a person's life that is both relational and philosophical. It is philosophical because it provides answers to life's most profound questions. It is also relational because it can involve our relationship with God. Our faith can intersect and affect our well-being and vice versa. Christian Counseling involves exploring spiritual beliefs and seeing how they impact our mental health and well-being. 

Most importantly, I involve my clients in making sure that their spirituality is respected. I work closely with my clients to make sure that spirituality is incorporated correctly and in a way that works for my clients. I try not to assume my clients always want to pray in session or want a quote from the Bible. But at the same time, I do not shy away from inviting those aspects of a person's faith in the session. Therapy is a space where you are allowed to talk about God and the Bible without judgment. 

Lastly, quality Christian Counseling means not assuming that my client's Christian beliefs are universal.  I work on clarifying Christian language, theology, and my client's understanding when working together. I do my best to be sensitive to my client's personal beliefs.


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