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If you are worried about being alone or have difficulty navigating healthy dating relationships, therapy is the best place to address those issues. I offer clients ways and perspectives to engage in healthy dating that goes beyond gimmicky social tricks or self-improvement projects. I help clients by identifying their preferences in dating, and give them the inner belief that their authentic self is truly worth loving and knowing. If you feel like you are "undatable" or struggle with healthy relationships, I can help you.

How I can Help

Identify Dating Preferences

Finding the right partner can be difficult especially if there is a history of pain with relationships. I help clients explore their values, and preferences in a relationship. This starts with the client understanding themselves and learning who they are as a person and what they find important. Dating from a place of authenticity is a key component of healthy dating and I encourage clients to explore and find out what is truly important for them.

Premarital Counseling

Preparing for marriage through premarital counseling can be the most significant investment in your relationship. I help couples using the Prepare and Enrich Assessment hone and strengthen their relationship before a lifetime of commitment. It also can help spot relational weaknesses early in the relationship, which can lead to a more realistic and satisfying marriage later in life.

Overcoming Dating Anxiety

Do you get anxious about dating? Do you find it challenging to be yourself? I help clients who struggle with anxiety learn to overcome it. You can learn the tools and skills to effectively manage your anxiety while learning to tackle the root causes of your anxious thoughts. My hope is for my clients to find dating enjoyable, freeing, and fulfilling.

Dealing with Toxic Relationships

Are you stuck in a toxic relationship? Are you unsure if your partner is right for you? I offer a safe place for clients to process their current relationships. As a therapist, I try to be sensitive to all my client's situations, refrain from advice-giving, and empower my clients to make the best choice for themselves.


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Alexander Ly

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