Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?

I am currently not on any insurance panels so I do not accept insurance payments. However, I can provide a superbly if your insurance provides Out of Network benefits.

What is the rate for therapy?

I charge a total of $120 dollars per 50 minute session. Additional fees may be added for assessments, counseling material, and extra time in sessions. Any session canceled without a minimum of 24 hour notice will be charged at the full agreed fee. For more information on late fees and rates please click here.

Do you accept HSA

I do accept HSA and can provide a superbill if needed for your HSA reimbursements.

How long does each therapy session take?

Sessions are typically 50 minutes. Extra time may be requested if agreed upon ahead of time by the therapist and client.

Do you offer Telehealth or Video Conferencing?

I offer video conferencing as an option to all clients using a HIPPA compliant platform. Clients who are doing face-to-face sessions are also eligible for video conferencing as well.

How long will I have to be in therapy?

Length of therapy varies from client to client based on individual needs and severity of issues being worked on. Some clients benefit after a handful of sessions while others may come to therapy for years. There is no "correct" amount of time to do therapy, nor is having long periods of therapy indicative of being a bad client. If length of therapy is a concern, please contact me so we can explore this together.


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Alexander Ly

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Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor 6447

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