I offer a variety of expertise in the following areas. I tailor my treatment of therapy based on the individual needs of my clients. Take a look below to see if anything I offer would be helpful for you.

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Self-Esteem Counseling

Do you compare yourself to friends? Are you too hard on yourself? I help clients who struggle with their inner critic find peace. I empower my clients to find their true self and compassionate voice to promote well-being.

Dating Counseling

Dating can bring up feelings of insecurity and anxiety. I help clients navigate the complexities of dating and intimate relationships by improving my client's self-awareness and acceptance of who they are. I also help clients by encouraging them to own their identity and date from a place of authenticity rather than games or social gimmicks.

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Trauma Treatment

I specialize in helping victims of trauma, especially from family of origin and childhood. I combine traditional talk therapy with Brainspotting Trauma Treatment (BSP) to help clients reduce the symptoms of pain and help them rewrite a new narrative for themselves.

Christian Counseling

I help clients who identify as Christian work through their spirituality in a safe and nonjudgemental space. I specialize in support clients who are experiencing faith deconstruction and spiritual burnout. I allow my clients to ask tough questions and grow in a way that is meaningful and authentic.

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Asian American Counseling

I support Asian Americans learning to navigate the complexities of a bicultural identity. I help clients explore their cultural values, issues with family, and identity. I give my clients the tools necessary to understand, analyze, and holistically integrate their cultural identity.


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Alexander Ly

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 113567

Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor 6447

Employed by Center for Psychotherapy, Creativity, and Spirituality

Supervised by Israel Perla LMFT43965