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Living a life of trauma can be crippling to your relationships and life goals. If you suffer from flashbacks, or have intrusive thoughts about your past, you may be suffering from trauma. I hope to help alleviate your symptoms, and to give you a way to move forward in your life. I use a combination of traditional talk-therapy with Brainspotting Trauma Treatment to help clients get help for their trauma.

Areas of Expertise

 Religious and Spiritual Trauma

If you have suffered from a abusive spiritual or religious setting, there can be hope. My hope is for you to find freedom from harmful messages your faith.

Childhood Trauma

If you grew up with abusive caretakers and adults, the trauma from those experiences can be the biggest barriers to living a healthy adult life. If you need space to process your childhood trauma, I provide can provide the safety and healing you need.

Trauma and Addictive Behavior

A life of trauma can lead to addictive behaviors as a way to cope. If you struggle with an addictive behavior, trauma treatment can help. My removing the symptoms and messages of trauma, my hope is for you to find freedom from your addictive behavior.

Recovering from Child Neglect, and Abandonment

Neglect and abandonment as a child can be as traumatic as abuse. This can lead to a life of anxiety and depression. If you struggle with these issues and have had a history of childhood neglect, trauma treatment can be a way to help.

What is Brain Spotting?

Brainspotting is a therapeutic modality that combines safe attunement of the therapist with the brains natural ability to heal to process deep trauma. It borrows treatment elements from EMDR to provide deep neurological healing in ways traditional talk therapy cannot. Click the link below to learn more.


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